Corporate Leadership

Boards of Directors
The management of the Utica Mutual Insurance Company (UM) and its affiliates, the Graphic Arts Mutual Insurance company (GA), and Republic Franklin Insurance (RFI), is vested in their respective boards of directors. Each board* is composed principally of outside directors. Only three members of each board are officers or employees of the company. The majority of the directors of each company are policyholders. Directors are elected annually by the policyholders.

W. Craig Heston - Chairman Emeritus

J. Douglas Robinson - Chairman of the Board

Richard P. Creedon - President and Chief Executive Officer (UM, GA, RFI)

Russell A. Acevedo - Medical Director of Intensive Care, Crouse Hospital (UM, GA)

C. William Bachman - (Retired) Vice President, Cohber Press (UM, GA, RFI)

Alfred E. Calligaris - President, The Stebbins Engineering and Manufacturing Company (UM, GA. RFI)

Paul A. Hagstrom, Ph.D. - Professor of Economics, Hamilton College (UM, RFI)

Gregory M. Harden - President and Chief Executive Officer, Harden Furniture Company (UM, GA. RFI)
Zelda J. Holcomb, Ph.D. - (Retired) Owner/Consultant Holcomb Associates, LLC, Educational Consulting Group (UM, GA)

Nicholas O. Matt - Chairman & CEO, Matt Brewing Company (UM, GA)

Peter J. O'Neill - Retired, Agway, Inc. (UM)

Alan J. Pope - Senior Vice-President PointeNorth Insurance Group (UM, GA, RFI)

Timothy R. Reed - Executive Director of Distance Running Hall of Fame (UM, GA)

Linda E. Romano - Attorney at Law, Counsel to Bond, Schoeneck & King (UM, RFI)

Eric K. Scholl - Private Investor/Consultant

    *UM - Utica Mutual Insurance Company                         *GA - Graphic Arts Mutual Insurance Company

Operating Committee
The Operating Committee consists of members of senior management who guide the course of the companies of the Utica National Insurance Group.

Richard P. Creedon - President and Chief Executive Officer (UM, GA, RFI) Kristen H. Martin - Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

John M. Anderson - President and Chief Operating Officer, Founders Insurance Company

Mark R. Angelucci - Resident Senior Vice President and Errors and Omissions Segment Leader

Steven E. Barry- Vice President, Director of Planning and Operational Analysis

Brion Burris - Regional Manager, Southeastern Regional Office

Jolene M. Casatelli - Senior Vice President and Senior Claims Officer

Paul L. Cohen - Vice President and Chief Actuary

David B. Gilmet - Resident Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, New England Regional Office

Kevin N. Grenier - Assistant Vice President andDirector of Personal Lines Underwriting

Steven P. Guzski - Executive Vice President and Director of Human Resources and Facilities

Ralph J. LaSpina - Resident Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, Republic-Franklin Insurance Office

Brian K. McCulloch - Resident Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, Southwestern Regional Office

Andrew E. Meehan - Resident Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, New York Metropolitan Regional Office

Joseph J. Meyer - Vice President and Personal Lines Segment Leader

Brian W. Miller - Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Ellen M. Murphy - Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer

Christopher J. Piela - Senior Vice President and Commercial Lines Segment Leader

Timothy M. Olson - Personal Lines Marketing Leader

Brian D. Saville - Resident Senior Vice President and Director – Educational Institutions Unit

Anthony L. Sychtysz - Senior Vice President and National Sales Director

Bernard J. Turi - Senior Vice President, General Counsel, General Auditor and Chief Risk Officer

Michael S. Wolfe - Resident Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, Middle Atlantic Regional Office

Franklin E. Zurschmit - Resident Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, Eastern Regional Office