Important Illinois Policyholder Notice for Those Affected by flooding and storms in Cook, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties.

On July 17, 2017 Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner declared the following counties state disaster areas as a result of heavy flooding: Cook, Kane, Lake and McHenry. The Utica National Insurance Group is fully committed to addressing the needs of our policyholders affected by this devastating event.

The following safeguards are effective immediately for policyholders residing in or having any affected property located in or around these counties:

  • All affected policyholders are provided a minimum 60-day extension of all policy provisions and requirements that impose a time limit for an insured or claimant to perform acts such as submission of a claim or proof of loss, reporting of information, submission of bills, or payment of funds.  Such extension shall be for a minimum of 60 days from the last date allowed or required under the terms of the contract or allowed or required by the insurer, or longer if deemed reasonable under the circumstances.

  • Policyholders will also receive a 60-day extension of the time in which they are required to make repairs. Other exceptions to policy or contract requirements that are unable to be met as a result of this disaster will be granted as needed.

  • Any cancellations or nonrenewal notices issued on or after July 12, 2017, on any in-force policy issued to an affected policyholder or respecting affected property, are withdrawn and such policies will be reinstated with no lapse in coverage. No new cancellations or nonrenewal notices to affected policyholders or affected property will be issued before September 30, 2017.

All consumers are advised that they may file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Insurance regarding any disaster-related dispute or issue. Complaints can be filed through their toll-free complaint hotline at 1-866-445-5364 or online at:

If you need to report a claim to Utica National, you may reach our 24-hour claim reporting hotline at (800) 216-1420. You can also report a claim by contacting your agent.

For information on how to become a Utica National policyholder please see the “Find an Agent” link at the top of our website.

Thank you.