Payment Plans and Options



Special Items Coverage

Car Stereo

If you have a permanently installed car stereo and insure your car for physical damage, then you're in luck—your stereo is covered. However, non-factory installed equipment like expanded stereo components, speakers, and CD players are not covered by your auto insurance. You need to ask for additional coverage to protect these items.

College Student

Personal Property - As a student away at college or living at home, your belongings are covered by your parent(s) homeowners policy. However, this coverage is limited for students living away from home. You should ask for extra coverage if you have expensive items at school such as computers, stereos or sports equipment.

If your parents do not have a homeowners policy, a separate renters policy may be purchased to cover your belongings at school. These policies are relatively inexpensive.

Auto - If you have a vehicle, it needs to be insured under your parents' auto policy or on a separate policy. If you are insured on your parent's policy and are away at college without a vehicle, your parents may be eligible for a discount on their auto insurance.

Customizing Equipment

The leopard print interior ... the airbrushed American eagle on the hood ... the martini bar in the back seat ... you may be driving in style, but your custom improvements aren't covered by your basic auto insurance. However, your custom gear can be protected by purchasing an endorsement which covers your custom furnishings and equipment including:

  • Special carpeting or insulation
  • Furniture or bars
  • Height-extending roofs
  • Custom murals, paintings, or other decals or graphics

Miscellaneous Vehicles

Vehicles such as motor homes, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, dune buggies, and golf carts are not covered under your basic auto policy. By adding the miscellaneous vehicle endorsement to your policy you can protect these vehicles with coverages including liability, medical payments, uninsured motorists, collision, and other-than-collision.

Personal Belongings

The personal property in your car is not covered under your auto insurance. The property in your car is covered under your homeowner or tenant insurance, but only if you have personal property coverage with protection for belongings away from your home. This provides reimbursement up to a specified limit if items in your car such as golf clubs, luggage or cameras are stolen or damaged. Make sure you ask your agent if your policy includes this coverage.


Your trailer or camper is your home away from home. With a stove, refrigerator, plumbing, awnings, and the camper itself, this is a big investment you should consider protecting. Our trailer/camper endorsement covers damage to the trailer or camper body along with the built-in equipment.

Loss to clothing or luggage, business or office equipment, and sales samples or articles used in exhibitions are not covered. However, other endorsements may cover these items.

Youthful Drivers

You should let your insurance carrier know when youthful drivers in your household receive a driving permit. However, youthful drivers cannot be added to your insurance policy until they are licensed. Speak to an agent when your young driver takes to the highways.