Jody Perewitz of Perewitz Cycle Fabrication, the fastest
woman ever to ride an American V- twin motorcycle.

We’re pleased to announce that Utica National
has partnered with Jody Perewitz as one of
her 2012-2013 sponsors. Jody’s been around
motorcycles all her life and is very well known
in the motorcycle community. She’s in charge
of marketing for Perewitz Cycle Fabrication,
makers of award-winning custom motorcycles.
In addition, in August 2011 at the famed
Bonneville Salt Flats she set a land speed
record on an American V-twin motorcycle
that she and her father Dave Perewitz
hand-fabricated, reaching speeds of
over 200 mph!

Safety is vitally important in setting speed and performance records,
and safety is just as important to the biking enthusiasts on the
highways and byways who are our policyholders. You’ll hear more
about that from Utica and Jody in the near future, and you’ll hear
more about Jody and Utica’s motorcycle program. We’re pleased to
be sponsoring this remarkable woman and getting out the word about
her, and about Utica’s great coverages.