Auto Extension Pak:

You can add some useful extras for a very nominal cost:

Accident Forgiveness –  “Forgives” your first at-fault accident.
Your rates don’t go up after your first at-fault automobile accident for qualified drivers. This means significant savings (up to 40%) on your future renewal.
Diminished Deductible – Rewards you for being claim free. Every consecutive year with Utica that you don’t have a claim means that your collision deductible goes down another $100, to a maximum reduction of $500. (The deductible cannot be reduced to less than $100 in New York.)
Limited Loan Lease
– When you owe more on your car than what the insurance would pay. Provides up to $500 to pay the difference between what you owe on your vehicle and what the insurance pays if you vehicler is declared a total loss.
Emergency Living Expenses – Pays up to $500 living expenses (lodging and meals) while your covered auto is being repaired from a covered loss and you are over 50 miles from home.
Airbag malfunction – Coverage for when the airbag pops. Covers expenses related to accidental inflation of air bags.
Enhanced Towing / Transportation Expense – It’s “super towing,” actually!
Doubles any existing policy limit for towing. Also adds $10 per day to your existing limit for covered Transportation Expenses, including car rental, if your car is disabled from a covered loss.
Death Benefit increased
 Any existing Utica Policy death benefit is increased by $2,000
Personal Effects – Coverage for personal property in your car. Up to $2,500 for loss or damage to personal property resulting from a covered loss to your auto