Vanishing Deductible:

The bigger the loss, the lower the deductible.  

Don’t confuse this with our “Diminished Deductible,” which provides a lower deductible each year you don’t have an accident.  Utica’s unique “Vanishing Deductible” helps you when you’ve had an accident.  For a small additional charge of $10 per vehicle, if you have a covered loss we will apply 11% of the amount of your loss to the collision deductible amount.

Here's an example of how it works:

$3,000 loss and vehicle has a traditional $500 collision deductible.

11% of the $3,000 (loss) = $330

$500 (ded) - $330 (reduction) = $170

The $170 becomes the applied deductible and not the traditional $500, for a savings of $330.