Struck-By Accidents Prevention

Schools — Create a Plan to Help Prevent Struck-By Accidents

Struck-by accidents happen when a person is hit by another person or an object. They occur in schools and other types of workplaces and can result in minor injuries or death. Being aware of the hazards and committed to following safety practices can help prevent these accidents. Examples of such accidents include the following:

  • teachers being injured in altercations or student attacks
  • teachers or aids being hit by athletic equipment during classes and events
  • hand tools and knives being used by kitchen help, custodians, and maintenance workers
  • custodians and maintenance workers moving furniture
  • catching hands in doors and cabinets
  • cutting hands on sharp objects, such as glass, knives, can lids, and so on
  • participating in sports
  • handling materials and equipment
  • walking into objects and bumping your head

Develop a plan

Controlling struck-by accidents begins with having a written plan. It should:

  • address struck-by issues for all employees
  • include new employee orientation and annual training for all workers
  • incorporate safety into all job descriptions
  • include a safety committee to effectively addresses accidents
  • ensure that accident investigations and a self-inspection program adequately address accidents
  • include an accountability program
  • make sure awareness methods are in place and that effectiveness is being monitored


The following provide information that will be useful in creating the plan.

SafeSchools videos – available at no additional charge to Utica National policyholders. Please see your risk management rep. Topics include:

  • classroom safety
  • general safety
  • utility carts
  • food-processing equipment
  • de-escalation strategies
  • restraint and seclusion

ISO client handouts – ask your risk management for them. Topics include:

  • student management on school buses
  • driver distraction
  • eye and face personal protective equipment (PPE) checklists
  • foot personal protective equipment (PPE) checklist
  • manual material handling – self-evaluation checklist
  • manual materials handling
  • personal protective equipment hazard assessment
  • truck loading and unloading – worker safety

Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) services can be helpful in instances where struck-by accidents are frequent and/or severe. The organization has helped schools, hospitals, and other service organizations become safer through online and onsite training programs. More information is available at

Utica National’s Risk Management Specialists can also provide guidance while your school develops a struck-by accident prevention plan.