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Five Questions With Marie Schlichtig – Director of Regional Commercial Lines Underwriting Operations

Marie Schlichtig, CPCU, SCLA, AIC-M, AIS, ARM, AU-M, is Director of Regional Commercial Lines Underwriting Operations at our New York Metropolitan Regional Office in Woodbury, NY.

The long list of letters after her name covers the various professional designations she’s earned over the years – and those are on top of a Bachelor’s Degree from Adelphi University in Garden City, NY, and other professional designations.

What made you consider joining Utica National? 
My friend worked for Utica National and told me about an open position that would be a good opportunity for me. She also shared how happy she was working at Utica and what a great company it was to work for. I pursued it and was hired!

What opportunities have you benefited from as a result of working at Utica National? 
Utica provides me with stable employment, as well as the opportunity to take on more challenging responsibilities and positions while contributing to the company in a positive way. We have an established professional development program with various options to choose from. I have continued to complete various designation courses and was fortunate to have been a mentor in the company’s LEAD program, which is focused on helping employees lead, engage, achieve and develop.

What’s your philosophy and attitude as you go about your daily responsibilities?
Belief in ourselves to accomplish greatness is essential. Whatever you do, start with the attitude of success and great results will follow.

As of 2020, I have worked for Utica for 11+ years. I had the opportunity to advance to the Regional Claim Manager position in 2015 and then to my current position in 2017. The company has so much to offer. I’ve found Utica to be a great place to work and I’m sure our new employees will, too.

What are some of the fun aspects of working at Utica National that you especially enjoy?
Utica National is the most family oriented place I have ever worked. While everyone has their own specific responsibilities, the employees work closely together as a team. Plus, over the years, there have been group activities that include picnics, family nights, as well as in-office and out-of-office celebrations.

There are so many good memories to share, but my all-time favorite was when my former manager was going to be celebrating his 60th birthday. During a week that our manager was out of the office, the supervisors worked together to put together some “when the cat’s away the mice will play” videos that included us playing cards, baseball, indoor golfing and other fun things, like the entire department doing a chain dance in front of his office with party music playing. The big day came and the entire office enjoyed the celebration with many laughs. It was a lot of fun and it also a great team-building event.

What would you tell someone who’s considering a career with Utica National?
Plain and simple, Utica is a company that cares about its employees. They’re given the tools they need to be successful and are recognized for their accomplishments. There are many opportunities for employees to develop professionally, and to have a career path within and outside of their current department. Plus, Utica has an excellent wellness program and also gives back to the community. If you are looking for a company you can grow with for a rewarding career, Utica National is the place to be.