It’s time to ride. We want to insure you, and your motorcycle.

We have just the right coverage for your Standard, Classic, Vintage or Custom bike! You can get the coverages you need to protect yourself,
as well as your pride and joy.

Coverage that fits you:
  • Increased limits on the standard coverages
  • Pick the deductible that’s best for you
  • Coverage available to pay for Medical bills that result from a motorcycle accident
  • Up to $500 for emergency service. That same coverage provides up to $500 for living expenses while waiting for covered repairs.
More special coverage options
  • "New for old" claim settlement with our
    Repair or Replacement Coverage.
  • Blanket or Scheduled coverage for accessories.
  • Coverage available for the transport trailer as well.
Credits and discounts can save
you money
  • Multi-Bike credit - up to 35%
  • 10% Motorcycle Safety Course
  • 10% Accident Prevention Course
  •  7% Antilock Brakes
  • 15% Theft Recovery System
  • Up to 10% Pay Your Premium in Full
  • 20% Home Ownership Credit

Credit & discounts not available
in all states.