Digital Life

Our mobile devices are always on, and always connected. This poses risk to you and your family. To mitigate risk, use these tips. 

  1. Use strong passwords. A strong password is unique to one site and is at least 10 characters long and includes numbers, symbols, upper and lower case passwords.
  2. Never write down your password or share it in ANY email even if they seem to be coming from a company you trust. No company -- even the one you work for -- should ask via an email for your password. 
  3. Stay current. Keep your computers and mobile devices current with the most recent browsers and apps. 
  4. Area awareness. Don't leave your mobile device or computer unattended in public places like coffee shops or airports.
  5. Consider adding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to sites like Google, Facebook, or your bank. 

Ask your local, independent agent about coverage for your digital life. 

Customer Care center

Our mission is to help our policyholders feel secure, appreciated, and respected. 

Our digital Customer Care center offers a tailored experience with increased functionality for registered policyholders. 

We care deeply about our policyholders, which is why we strive to continually evolve the digital experience. 

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