Anti-Bullying Tips for Educators

Anti-Bullying Tips for Educators

School administrators are the first line of defense against bullying as schools are the primary place where this behavior occurs.

Here are 5 anti-bullying tips for educators from

  1. Educate yourself on what bullying is and isn’t. Often times, situations that look like bullying may need to be treated with a different response. Also, learn what to look for as warning signs.
  2. Educating the students and staff is equally important. They are often the first step in identifying bullying incidents and reporting them.
  3. Become familiar with your state’s anti-bullying law and create rules and policies to address them.
  4. When bullying is reported, immediately respond and investigate. Take every report seriously.
  5. Utilize free federal and non-federal resources, which can be found on

October is National Bully Prevention Month, the member companies of Utica National, would like to remind you of some resources that are available to you at no additional charge, to assist you with bullying prevention.

Vector Solutions Online Training system offers the below courses that will assist staff to help prevent incidents of bullying.

  • Bullying: Recognition & Response
  • Conflict Management: Student-to Student
  • Hazing
  • Making Schools Safe for LGBT Students
  • Online Safety: Cyberbullying

Get started with your Vector Solutions training today, by calling Vector Solutions at 800-434-0154 or emailing at

Utica National’s School Emergency Preparedness Program with our partner CLPS Consultancy Group includes Bullying Assessment Training and Software. This web-based software allows schools to efficiently conduct bullying intervention assessments for incidents of reported bullying at school.

Contact Education Institute Segment Specialist John Acee at 315-734-2556  to learn more on our Emergency Preparedness Program.

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