Utica National's
Workers Compensation
Medical Case Management
and Cost Savings programs

The emphasis is on
the CARE.

Following a workplace injury, quality medical care can put your employees back on the job more quickly and provide your business with significant savings. That's why we offer the added services of Uti-CARE — a program designed to help you manage your Workers Compensation cases while controlling your costs.

Uti-CARE offers the combined benefits of our Medical Case Management and Cost Containment programs. Please read below to find out more about the Uti-CARE services.

Case Management program (For an explanation of the service, hold your mouse over the name.)

  • First Notice of Loss Call Center - File your report by phone (1-800-216-1420), or on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our Customer Care Center. To register for the Customer Care Center click here for the registration page. You will need your policy or account number and your ZIP code. Complete the registration process, go to 'Report a Claim' and the rest is easy! View this tutorial for more information.
  • Technological Intervention - An automated claim referral process helps identify those claims that will benefit most from nurse case management intervention.
  • Nurse Case Management program - An exclusive team of nurses focuses on optimal recovery and return to work by working directly with the claimant, negotiating the most appropriate treatment with the provider and facilitating safe and early return to work.
  • Find a Provider - A wide array of doctors have agreed to preferred provider discounts, with the best medical and return-to-work outcomes highlighted. To find a doctor who participates in Utica's state-specific managed care offerings, visit the online network directory at www.genexservices.com. Select "Find a Provider." Your User ID is "Utica" and your password is "Utica."
Cost Containment program - Valuable resources, when used together, will help you to control your Workers Compensation costs and save you money. (For an explanation of the program, hold your mouse over the name.)
  • Medical Bill Review program - Achieved a savings of approximately 39% last year
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) - An additional 16% points in savings was achieved last year
  • Diagnostic Network - Last year the program achieved savings of 36%
  • Discount Pharmacy program - Last year the program saved 15% in prescription costs.
Cost Savings Report - If you are already a Utica insured you can now view a Cost Containment Savings Report through our Customer Care Center at www.UticaCustomerCare.com. To register you will need your policy number or account number and your ZIP code. Once registered, simply go to the Uti-CARE Cost Savings section on the left-hand side of the page, select the "View Full Report" link, enter your search criteria and a report will be generated. For a sample of the cost savings report, view this quick tutorial.


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