This is an exciting purchase. Here are some tips.

Please talk to your local insurance agent, they can help you navigate this process.

A New Car

Research. Visit different dealers and test drive cars. Then look at the websites to compare process.

Watch local papers for manufacturer rebates Get a quote from different dealers.

Don’t be afraid to tell a dealer about a different price from a different dealer. Research financing options.

Get an estimate for your auto insurance from a local, trusted agent before making a purchase.

A Used Car

If you’re buying a used car from a dealer, consider the following:

Check to see if your local consumer protection office offers rights when buying a used car.

Determine in advance the paperwork you’ll need from the DMV.

Before making a purchase, research the vehicle's history using the VIN. Research the car's title history with the DMV.

Preparing to buy

Check to see if the warranty is still in effect.

Make sure the odometer matches the mileage disclosures If you’re able, have your mechanic check it over.

Get an estimate for your auto insurance from a local, trusted agent before making the purchase.

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