Homeowners insurance offers security

Your home just might be the most valuable possession you own. The right insurance policy can protect your investment by giving you more options.

Homeowners insurance can also cover the things in your home. The right coverage could decrease your liability if someone is injured in your home. The right policy can even cover your possessions when traveling.

Your lender may require insurance.

Many lenders place a condition on the loan that requires insurance. They want to protect their investment in the event of something bad happening. If an insurance claim is paid by the insurance company, it can only be used to repair the home. 

When you get insurance, make sure it is the right insurance

We understand you have options. That is why we encourage you to talk to a local agent to discuss exactly what you need. There is a danger in having insurance and then finding out something wasn’t covered. Remember to talk to your agent when you get married, have a child, or buy a new car, boat, or second home. Life chances could result in a need for insurance changes. 

Homeowners insurance is unique.

People are different. Homes are different. They are in different places with different families under the roof. There are different ways to lower fees, deductibles, and increase coverage. Talk to your agent. The more your agent knows about you, the better the coverage will fit your needs. 

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This is a summary of coverage and services. The precise coverage is subject to the actual terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Not all coverages are available in all states.