Keep these five tips in mind when riding your motorcycle. 

  1. "Look twice." This isn't just for other cars and trucks, it is also for other motorcyclists, too. Always be doubly aware of other drivers. 
  2. Reaction time. Be sure to use the directional brake with plenty of time for people behind you to stop. 
  3. Have proper gear. Jacket, gloves, boots, glasses, and a helmet are all recommended for the best safety. 
  4. Checklist. Give your motorcycle a once over before you begin every ride.
  5. Tire safety. Check your tires for any cracks and be sure the air pressure is correct before you start riding. 

Always remember to properly secure your motorcycle when not riding. 

If you're considering a new bike, or already have one, check with your local agent for possible cost savings when you bundle.  

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