Here are some ways to save money on auto insurance at Utica National. Many of these savings are standard across other carriers. We strongly urge you to visit your local agent to get some or all of these discounts.  

Annual Mileage Credit
If your vehicle is on the road less, you should pay less for insurance. Contact your local independent agent to learn more.

Multi-vehicle discount
Insure more cars and earn a discount with a multi-vehicle discount.

Bundle your coverage
Earn discounts when you bundle your coverage and insure your home with the same carrier. It makes organizing your policy easier and saves money. 

Pay in full discount
Pay up front in full and earn a discount. Pay the full annual premium at once by cash, check, EFT or credit card and we will discount it by up to 10%. (This does not apply to any statutory or state-mandated charges.) 

Airbags & motorized seat belts
Earn a discount of up to 30% on personal injury and Medial payment coverage with airbags and motorized seat belts.

Anti-lock Brakes
Earn a discount on your premium for most coverage.

Anti-theft device:

  • Alarm only: discount on your Fire & Theft coverage
  • Active disabling device: discount on your Fire & Theft coverage
  • Passive disabling device discount on your Fire & Theft coverage
  • Window glass etching: discounts on your Fire & Theft coverage
  • Vehicle Recovery Systems: discounts on your Fire & Theft coverage

Electronic stability control
Earn a discount on most coverage premiums if your vehicle has Electronic Stability Control.

Daytime running lights
Daytime running lights on your car earns a discount.

Good students
Good Students can save. Full-time high school or college students with a high average can qualify. If your kids are in school talk to your local agent

Company car
You can get our multi-car discount if you have a Company Car available for your personal use.

We’ll treat you like a multi-car owner with a credit of up to 25% on your single vehicle policy, if the company car is assigned to you and available for your daily personal use.

Away at school
If your young driver is away at school, without the car, earn a discount on that vehicle’s premium.

Electronic funds transfer
Eliminate all billing service charges if you pay your bill with EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).


This is a summary of coverage and services. The precise coverage is subject to the actual terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Not all coverages are available in all states.