Buying a home is a stressful time. Here are some things to keep in mind to ease the stress. 

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) -- this shows the total cost of the money you are borrowing for your mortgage. It includes the interest rate and any fees your lender might charge. 

Buyer's agent -- As the buyer of a home, this is the real estate agent with whom you signed an agreement. 

Closing Costs -- These are the costs in addition to the price of the home. They might include attorney's fees, insurance, and loan origination fees. These costs vary by region, talk to your buyer's agent for details. 

Home Inspection  -- When you make an offer on a home, it should be tied to the results of a home inspection. An independent inspector you hire checks over the home, including the overall structure, heating system, plumbing, electrical and roof. 

PITI -- This acronym stands for "principle, interest, taxes, and insurance." Chances are your monthly mortgage payment will include these. As you connect with your independent insurance agent, they can help you navigate this cost.  

When buying a home, remember that your insurance agent, real estate agent, inspector, and lawyer have probably done this before. They can help you navigate the process and ensure your investment is on a sound foundation. 

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