When the temperature drops, and winter weather moves in, it is important to be prepared ahead of time to prevent damage to your home. Having a plan in place can help you avoid problems such as power outages, frozen water pipes, flooding, and possibly roof collapse.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers the following tips to prepare your home for winter weather:

  • Listen to weather forecasts regularly.
  • Have your chimney inspected each year before you need to use it in an emergency.
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, test the batteries each month, and replace the them twice a year.
  • Weatherproof your home by adding weather-stripping, insulation, insulated doors, and storm windows.
  • Bring pets indoors or provide adequate shelter to keep them warm.

Check out the CDC’s Be Ready! Winter Weather infographic for more guidelines for inside and outside of the home.

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